Even before any preliminary designs are presented, a dozen or so design parameters are already considered to to ensure success. From cost analysis and feasibility study to zoning laws and height requirements, all these are already factored in by the time the architectural design is integrated with the structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, and other disciplines. Equally at home with the macrovision of each project is DSFN Architect’s careful attention to interior and exterior details.

A playful tug-of-war always ensues as they pore over floor patterns, lighting fixtures, color coordinates, ironwork intricacies, etc. Every artistic nuance is guided by an overall theme, be it neoclassical bank branch, a Mediterranean-inspired residence or an ultramodern glass building. Seeking always to synthesize the aesthetical aspects in design, project management and documentation can also be added into the services rendered, as client satisfaction is always primary to our goal.